A dedicated business unit of Tactics SOG Industries, Inc. as Defense Technology Integrator and software developer.


Our goal is
to create innovative solutions using advanced technologies for today’s complex system and create exponential value for our customers 

We integrate specialized hardware and software subsystems to create solutions with unmatched performance.  

We develop an open and scalable system that allows our clients to expand capabilities and integrate with existing hardware or newly developed systems.

To help our clients to have the best value products and services, we find the best components available from any source, or use their existing system, and integrate them with next-generation software and indisputable solution-oriented mindset with a low total cost of ownership.
We are in the business of protecting your digital assets

Experienced Tactics SOG consultants aim to provide you with solutions to ensure all requirements are met.
Solutions for LEA and Government

We collaborate with world-class partners to bring you highly sophisticated solutions to fulfill your requirements.

Putting your infrastructure to the test

The best way to know how intruders will actually approach your network is to simulate a real-world attack under controlled conditions. This allows you to pinpoint actual risks posed to your company from the perspective of a motivated attacker.

Protecting your communications

Our Secure Communications Platform (SCP) is a cross-platform mobile messaging service that can be tailored to your organization’s requirements to ensure secure communication of sensitive information. The platform can be hosted on-premise or on Tactics SOG’s highly secure infrastructure abroad.
Protecting Data in Motion
High-speed data networks are not inherently secure. Public network infrastructure is exposed to a multitude of cyber threats and two-thirds of all data theft occurs while it is in transit. That’s why you should insist upon certified, high-assurance encryption for your data in motion.
Encryption is an incredibly important tool for keeping your data safe. When your files are encrypted, they are completely unreadable without the correct encryption key. If someone steals your encrypted files, they won't be able to do anything with them. Tactics SOG provides you with two types of encryption: hardware and software.

Products & Services


Protection against:
- Trojans
Malware apps
Physical extraction of data &
  communication interception
- End to end secured voice calls, text,
  group chats, and Gile sharing. Time
  detection alerts and attacks.


- High VSWR protection
- Easy to use
- Configurable power output
- Built-in filter to minimize RF
  interference outside the jamming
  bandsControlled by Piranha-tech
  Control panel


A unique solution for your IoT requirements to be more efficient and productive in your daily operations.

We consolidate and integrate various systems information and provide holistic overall awareness and analysis with  real-time facility status for faster incident response.   .


Manage your personnel, assets, resources, and services efficiently.

A unified management system that provides you with the most comprehensive real-time situational awareness with integrated analytics.

Our open system is modular and scalable to be able to accommodate future developments and other technologies that bring smart cities to life.

For your inquiries, please email us at tacticssog@gmail.com